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Since 1887

Welcome to our website, we are a Sociable, Family Friendly Working Mens Club which is situated in the Midlands in a quiet cosy little village called Bishops Itchington.

We have proudly been part of the community since 1887, we often have a wide verity of tip top local bands. Now fitted with fully functioning air conditioning, heating and Free WiFi powered by BT.

We also now accept all card payments.

Rent A Room?

Do you have a birthday party, anniversary, or staff night out coming up?
Whatever the occasion, why not come to the place that can provide it all from Music, Entertainment plus the cheapest bar prices for miles around. To arrange a date contact us on Facebook or E-Mail.

Become A Member

Why not become a member of the club for £10 per year, this allows cheaper beer and happy hour prices for you.

Simply ask a member of staff behind the bar for a form to join, so you can save money today.


The Greaves Club was built by the cement works in 1887 and was given to the community. The club is named after the name of the cement works, which in that period was owned by Richard Greaves. They made Portland Greaves Cement using Lime Kilns.

In 1820, Richard Greaves started a lime kiln just north of the village.

In 1927 and 1928 there was again considerable local as well as national excitement surrounding the unearthing of an Ichthyosaur followed by a Plesiosaur fossilised skeleton in the deep Bishops Itchington quarry, both now being at the Natural History Museum in London along with the earlier Stockton fossil.

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