Club General Rules

Below are the basics to abide by when in our social club. These are our way to ensure our staff and also our customers remain safe during these uncertain times.


Face coverings must be worn in the club when you are not seated at your table. This includes on entry and exit, and going to the toilets. We are legally obligated to question anyone who is not wearing a mask to determine whether they are exempt.

Children under 11 are exempt from wearing face masks.



If you are a paid member of the Club, your track and trace will be done via the Till. Non-members will be required to scan a QR Code via the NHS COVID-19 App. This checks them into Greaves Club. 

If you cannot Scan? This isn’t a problem, we can write you in our book behind the bar. You will be required to give out your Name and Telephone Number.


When entering the club please go to an empty table. A member of staff will take your order from the table. When being served please be polite to the staff, they are working as fast as they can. We are still accepting both types of payment, Cash or Card.



Children are to remain seated with their parents or social bubble. We cannot allow children to run or walk around aimlessly.


Toilets are fairly simple, providing you read the signs. You must enter the toilets via the function room, then swipe the Vacant sign to engaged upon entering. When leaving the toilets walk out going towards the red room. Government Guidelines now require you to wear a facemask when moving around the club.


The six guests can be from multiple households but customers on individual tables must not exceed that number.



For the time being the fruit machines will not be allowed to be used, as we cannot ensure that they will be cleaned after every touch. However, Darts and Pool will be allowed providing you bring your own Darts set / Cue and wear a face mask.

Smoking Shelter is now open however only serves 5 people at a time. 

No vertical drinking.


These have been carefully accessed by the committee and Bar Staff. If you think that we have left somthing out, please inform a member of staff, as we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

If any of these rules are broken, you will be asked to leave the premises.

We thank you for your cooperation!

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